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    Unable to get anything other than symbol maps from shapefile

    Jawad Niazi

      Hi All,

      I'm trying to use a Chicago Community Area shapefile to work in Tableau 8.  This is a shapefile describing 77 districts of Chicago and is quite handy in looking at community measures. 


      I have used Richard Leeke's incredible "shapetotab" command-line program to derive .csv output to use in Tableau's "Import Custom Geocoding" feature.  Unfortunately, I do not get the desired filled maps functionality, just colored circles across the Chicago landscape instead of geographical polygons.


      Here's what it looks like:




      I was hoping for a filled map structure that would allow my data to do things like this:




      I've attached the zipped shapefile folder and the outputted .csv files... if anyone can assist, I would be most grateful. 

      Also below is a sample tableau file in the "Data - Chicago_mini.zip" attachments (not sure why it is 22.5MB).