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    Filtering Across Data Sources using a Set OR Removing Nulls from Quick Filter List

    Rossella Blatt Vital



      I have a calculated field that contains a list of clients; the field contains also some Nulls which I want to filter out. Since I also need to create a quick filter to allow the user to select a specific list of clients, I created a set that removes the nulls and then I use that set as filter. This view works fine.

      Then I have a second view that uses a separate datasource. In this view there is a field containing a list of clients, which I would like to be updated based on the selection done by the user from the first view.


      The problem is that when I create the 2 dashboards (one with the first view and the second one with the second view), I cannot link (from the Target Filters in the Edit Filter Action window) the client set from view 1 to the client list field from view 2 because the first field is a set. It looks like I can only use fields or calculated fields. So I tried using the calculated field that contains the nulls and the filter is passed correctly,  but the quick filter view will contain also the element "null".


      So I need to either eliminate the nulls from the calculated field in the first view or I need to be able to link the client field from the second view to the set I created in the first view.


      Thanks in advance for any suggestion.