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    Data Blending

    Arpit Jain

      I have 2 data sources. Attribute & Like Products- see the attached excel


      Attribute : Attribute, Cost and retail information about products

      Like Products : Products and information about their Like Products - flag=1  (Ex: as per the excel A & B are like products)


      I want to select a product from sheet1( using data source : Attribute) and display attributeinformation for the Product and its Like Products in another sheet2 (using data source :Attribute).


      As per the attached excels, if I select product A in sheet 1 , I should be able to see attribute information of both product A and B in another sheet ( as B is Like product for A)..


      I tried this using data blending(columns- @ Product and Prod) but didn't achieve the functionality.


      What I did was -


      1) Included action from sheet 1 to sheet 2 on selected field Product (data source: attribute) to field prod (data source : Like Products).


      2) In sheet 2 I added Prod(data source: Like Products) and Product (data source: attributes) as level of detail.


      3) In rows I had  put Attribute, columns - Like product , text - attribute value and filtered for flag value(data source: Like products) 2 and 1




      someone please help me out asap


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          Arpit Jain

          Sorry couldn't attach excels. below is how the data looks



          Data source 1: Attribute

          Product     Attribute     Value     Cost     Retail
          A               Brand         Levis       10        15

          A               Color          Blue        10        15

          B               Brand         Wrangler 12        20

          B               Color          Blue         12        20

          C               Brand         Levis       14         23

          C               Color          Black       14        23


          Data Source 2: Like Products (Flag = 1 means Prod and Products are Like)

          Prod     Like_Product     Flag    

          A          A                         2

          A          B                         1

          A          C                         0

          B          B                         2

          B          A                         1

          B          C                         0

          C          A                         0

          C          B                         0

          C          C                         2

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            Matt Lutton

            So what happened when you set up the data blend?  Can you post a packaged workbook with the data blend you set up?

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              Arpit Jain

              Hey Matthew,

              Please find attached the tableau workbook.

              In this example i was trying to put an action from sheet1 to sheet 2 on selected field  ---


              data source -attribute, field - Product to data source - Like Prod ,field -  Prod.


              I have set up the blend as i was trying before.


              Please look into it

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                Matt Lutton

                Since there are no actions in the workbook, I am not sure what you tried.  I was able to create a highlight action--however, it looks like blending on Product and Prod would not give the proper result.  Blending on "Product" and "Like Product" seemed to produce the correct result.  See the attached.


                A good test to see whether data blending will work properly is to pull your dimensions into a text table on one sheet, and do the same in another sheet for your secondary source.  If the two match, data blending should work properly.  In this case, "Product" and "Like Product" would show a match, while "Product" and "Prod" would not.


                If this is not what you're looking for, then I do not understand the problem.