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    tableau server send email to all users


      Does anyone know if Tableau Server has the ability to send a scheduled downtime email to all licensed users? Or generate a distribution list of these users?

      Manually managing a DL of server users seems like a tedious option. We have a growing population of users..


      Any help or ideas would be great. I've search and searched but haven't been able to find anything of this nature.

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          Toby Erkson

          In a word:  No.


          I have two lists, one for Licensed Tableau Desktopers (Tableau-Licensed) and another for those who have been granted rights to view reports on the Tableau Server (Tableau-Users).  Desktopers are placed in the Tableau-Users distribution list as well.  When I have a general announcement (like server downtime, upgrades, etc.) I simply email to Tableau-Users and that hits everyone.


          Side note:  We also have Tableau-Support distribution list.  That has just us admins on it and that's how anyone can reach us.  We encourage people to use this even when it's just one of us doing all the work.

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            Jeffrey Lutomski

            I have v9.2 Tableau Server and I have to cut and paste the AD usernames into Outlook.

            Or recreate the Data source from the Tableau internal Postgres database to create the audit datasource we used to have setup before it broke after a few major version upgrades. I tested Tableau in the Beta 9.3. I don't remember if that's any different?