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    How to create a filter to hide all userid's except those selected, without changing view, data, or table calculations?


      I have created the following worksheet that is part of a dashboard showing different sales advisor metrics relative to the rest of the group.  I am trying to create a filter that when you select an advisor, it will hide the usernames (represented by initials RCM, MS, KD, etc.) of all other advisors, but not change the view showing where that selected advisor is relative to the group, the table calculations, or view in any other way besides hiding other userid's.  The point is that when each sales advisor is reviewed, the names of other advisors remain anonymous.

      Sales Advisor Pic.png

      One more tidbit, There are many userid's, but I want these 13 to be the view regardless of how the filter is applied.  I should likely create a group, correct?


      This is my first post.   I tried posting before, but it didn't seem to go to the forums where I had intended it to.