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    Top N + Nested Sorting + Value Parametrs

    Egor Larin

      Hi there.


      I've got social media data about accounts

      It is from different sites like facebook or twitter etc.

      I've got a lot of aggregate metrics for each account- posts, comments, likes etc.


      I've been created Top N accounts switchboard, where i can choose person by parameter to compare with Top N list, or choose measure value of Top N and high of the Top N.

      I've got a treemap sheet, i'm using to filter Top N list by site.


      My problem is in this: the Top N give me the top accounts by all database through all sites and measures. And when i've hovered over TreeMap field my Top N list recalculated and shows me "total Top N", not on this site. So i cant see correct Top N on this site and where in this top my chosen person.


      I need the Top N account list based on treemap hover filter.

      I tried to use Nested Sorting with Top N list but it doesnt work correct(


      How can i do it?