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    Creating a filter

    James Pownall

      Hi, I'm a new user and I'm trying to resolve a problem.


      I have some data that contains a region field (Southern, Midlands, Northern, Wales, Scotland)


      I want to create a filter on a dashboard that includes the following options for the end user..... (GB, England & Wales, England, Wales, Scotland, Southern, Midlands, Northern)


      Each of these would then filter different combinations of the region field. ie by selecting England in the filter, all data with Southern, Midlands, Northern as the  region would be included in the results


      I would like this to be in 1 filter if possible?

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          Gengming Chen

          It is possible. You need to assign the region relationship to the country that you will be used as filters first.

          for example:

          Region          Country

          Southern       England

          Midlands       England


          after that,  you can use country as your filter.

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            James Pownall



            Thanks for the reply. Although this works for England, those regions are also in the GB subset too.


            The relationships are as follows:


            RegionRegion 1Region 2Region 3
            WalesWalesEngland & WalesGreat Britain
            ScotlandScotlandScotlandGreat Britain
            NorthernEnglandEngland & WalesGreat Britain
            MidlandsEnglandEngland & WalesGreat Britain
            EasternEnglandEngland & WalesGreat Britain
            South WestEnglandEngland & WalesGreat Britain


            There are essentially 4 levels within a hierarchy, but I want to create 1 filter that tackles all 4 levels. It will include all possibilities from 'Region' field + England, England & Wales & Great Britain.


            Hope this clarifies further.