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    Dose Server Credentials required to open pakced workbook?

    sandeep pulikonda

      Hi There,


         I am trying to open tableau packed workbook which i got it from my end user. When i am trying to open that packed workbook it's asking me for the server credentials. When i click on the cancle i am not able to look at the data. Can some one suggest me how can i reslove this issue? Plase look at the screen shot attached.

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          Russell Christopher

          Are you sure your user/customer isn't using "User Filters". If so, you must authenticate against their server so that the filter can understand what you should and shouldn't be allowed to see. If you "Cancel", then you're not authenticating, and you choose to see nothing.


          I understand you can't post the workbook, but you might be able to figure out what they're up to by following these steps:


          • Make a copy of the twbx file and rename it to .zip
          • Open the zip file and pull the .twb out of the archive
          • Open the twb file in notepad or any text editor
          • Use the text editor to "Find" references to the server name.


          What are those references associated with?


          • Or, just ask the user


          Good luck!