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    Text field capacity

    lilly cai

      Im trying to add documentation to my dashboard, however after I added all my texts in, there is no scroll bar to go down?

      can anyone help?


      Here is picture of my screen, i have a lot more documentation, however it's not being displayed and no scroll bar to show more.


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          lilly cai

          hi johan, i just need to display my text, i can paste all the document in the text field, but when displaying it only shows 1/4 of the document.

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            lilly cai

            As you can see from the picture, there are a lot more txt after but it just stops at "wealth management" and no scorll bar to go down....

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              Matt Lutton

              In the future, you can just click the "Print Screen" (or PrtScn as it is often labeled) key on your keyboard to take a snapshot of your screen, paste it into an image file out of that and post (when you press PrtScn, your machine takes a "copy" of your screen, and although you won't see anything happen, you can then paste that screenshot into a photo editing software or Paint).  It'll look better than a digital photo from a camera.


              As Johan suggested, you may want to vote on the idea he listed because Tableau doesn't do "scrolling down" in these scenarios.


              You can create multiple sheets to create a columnar affect, place them side by side, and view it that way.  Or, leave it as is, and create a separate sheet, and use an Action to link to that sheet.  Something like "Go to Page 2" could be placed on the dashboard, and that would link to the 2nd page.


              two columns.png

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                Daniel VanderMeer



                As Johan was alluding to, Tableau doesn't have a scrollable text area (yet) so you have to use a work around.

                Here's another workaround:

                - Increase the height of your dashboard in order to fit more text (to say 1500px)

                - In tableau desktop you get vertical scrollbars

                - In tableau server you get vertical scrollbars on the browser


                Another workaround:

                - Use a web control and host the content on a web server (or blog site.)


                Hope this helps!