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    How to give up/down arrow in bar chart.

    mkumar mkumar



      We are facing some issues in bar chart given below is the description.


      1) If bar value is negative it is coming on the left-hand side of the X axis.


          Even if value is negative it should be coming on the right hand side of the bar


          e.g in the below figure for john even though blue bar is having value -10 it should be represented with +10 on graph (similar to james)



      We thought we can do this with calculation field is it right approach ?


      2) How to provide up and down arrow to indicate that value is negative. We are planning to hide X-axis completely


      e.g. Is it possible to provide up/down arrow to indicate whether value is negative or positive. e.g. from above figure blue line should be visible on right side for john and marked with value -10 indicating down arrow. (We don't want blue line to be shown on the left side even if value is negative instead we will use arrow mark to indicate negative value)







      3) X - axis is not able to touch the bar. At one place we have this requirement where we donot want any distance between bar and x axis.





         Attaching the workbook for reference.

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          Dana Withers



          I had a play:

          1. Yes a calculated field would be the best option here I think. Use sign([value]).

          2. Yes Up/Down indicators are possible, but putting them in the right place is harder. There is a good example in the sample files. Attached is my version but it only seems to work if I change the order of class. I'm probably doing something wrong, but I hope it helps you on the way anyway.

          3. You can increase the size of your bars, which will eat up the space between X and bar, but also between bars individually. I don't think there is any other way.


          Hope it helps,



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            mkumar mkumar

            Hi dana,


            Thanks for your help and support.


            1) I donot know how the multiple mark works in tableau(I am working from 1 week). if you can guide me here what procedure you followed to create multiple marks I will appreciate your help.


            2) Also I need those up/down shapes only on blue bars not orange.is there any way we can hide it for specific color type.


            3) And regarding 3 is there any work around may be putting it in dashboard and doing something I tried it but it seems entire sheet is shrinking when we reduce the dashboard width.


            Hiding original x-axis and mocking it to something else will also do for me (reference line or something below the bars).