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    tableau server workbook and datasource migration tool, SNAKE

    Attila Horváth

      Have you ever used tabcmd to publish a workbook or a datasource to a server? Well, not everyone likes command line tools right? I'm currently developing an approach in .net, with which you can migrate workbooks from one server to another with ease. Although it's still in development state, here is a picture for anyone who is getting interested in the matter:


      Let's call it for the moment SNAKE:SNAKE.PNG.png


      As you can see it has the server contents in trees and what not, you can easily drag and drop anything you want to the other side of the tree and execute the underlying operation. Looks easy right?


      I'm currently implementing a feature for this to be job oriented, so when you create a sequence like such, you can save it for later use and reuse, or even editing.


      Also it has a text replace function built in, which means, that you can attach replace rules to your job so in the migrated workbooks and datasource files text will be replaced, for example the server addresses. This way you can make your work between servers fully automated without any overwork.


      As an important feature, the program has an xml storage of server credentials, which you can edit inside the program, this way you don't have to enter every address and username when you're trying to do something, you can just select them from a drop-down menu.


      I hope you like the idea, and you're as excited as me, to when the job orientation is complete, put your hands on this handy tool.


      I would take into consideration any ideas you guys have, so please feel free to advice




      Horváth Attila

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