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    Best data connection

    Paulo Fassina



      I'm trying to find the best way to integrate my data with tableau desktop.

      I have a huge database, but I use a much reduced scope at my dashboards.


      So far, I have found 3 possible solutions.


      1. Custom SQLs

      2. Multi-Tables

      3. Extracts




      At first, it seemed to be the best solution.

      The problem is that I have to create several small queries for each sheet.

      If I create a single complex custom SQL, data will be huge and every request will take minutes to update my data.


      Also, I loose flexibility because I have to limit myself to work with a very narrow time frame.

      For example, I can't request all data, grouped by day, since the beginning of 2013.


      I need to either limit myself to the last month or group everything by month.




      I haven`t tried this solution yet.

      I assume that I would need to create different views on my database and then make a live connection with those views.


      The problem is that I would have huge views and I'm not sure how fast Tableau would handle all those huge views...




      Extracts seemed to work fine.

      They handled well all my tables and I had no performance issue.


      The problem is that I need to update my extracts daily every morning and Tableau Desktop doesn't have a auto-update feature.

      I would have to do it by hand and each update would take at least 30 minutes, what is not something desirable...




      Well, I imagine that there are some people here that had this same problem in the past.

      Which solution you chose? And why?

      Any recommendations for a first timer?


      Best regards,


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          If I understand correctly:

          • you don't have Tableau Sever that can automatically refresh your extracts every morning
          • you cannot connect live to a huge database for performance reasons
          • Tableau views need to be updated daily


          Given this situation, you don't have too many options.

          If your Tableau views present aggregated data and there is no need to drill into lower levels, then the best approach would be to set up, in your database, materialised views that would aggregate large amounts of data into manageable sizes and refresh overnight. Then it is a straight live connection to those views (which are essentially tables).


          Creating plain views or custom SQL may or may not work, as in both cases database will have to execute a query almost every time the user interacts with the view, which might take a very long time.

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