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    Unable to hide Include/Exclude in V8 Quickfilters

    Chris Moseley

      I just moved a number of files over to v.8, for both Desktop and Server.  On my quickfilters, I typically opt to hide from the end user all but the Search option.  That is, under quickfilter Customization I hide Include/Exclude, Filter Types and More/Fewer.


      This works as expected until I publish the dashboards.  On Server, every quickfilter still gives the user the abilty to view and select "Include Values or Exclude Values" (attached image).  The other Customizable options are hidden, as they should be.  It's just Include/Exclude and it is on every quickfilter on all Viz's I publish in v.8.   As mentioned, it works as expected in Desktop 8.


      I did a quick search to see if this was a known 8.0 bug but did not find postings.


      Any suggestions on how to remedy this?  Anyone seen behavior like this in v.8?




        - ctm