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    Alter Mark Size on a Map when Zooming

    Brandy Lackey

      I get a lot of requests from our Tableau Server users wanting the ability to change the marks size when they zoom in and out on a map. I found a solution using a parameter and some calculated fields.


      The parameter allows the user to make the marks bigger or smaller.

           Parameter values 1-5 (or whatever values you want to give it. The more values the more variation in your size scale)

           Calculated fields created 1,2,3,4,5 as plain integers

           Calculated field (Edit Size Calc Parm) to use the parameter and calculated fields 1-5:

                if [Edit Size]=1 then [1] elseif

                [Edit Size]=2 then [2] elseif

                [Edit Size]=3 then [3] elseif

                [Edit Size]=4 then [4] elseif

                [Edit Size]=5 then [5] end

      Drag Edit Size Calc Parm onto your size shelf and change to AVG vs. SUM

      Edit Size Legend to use a range
      Display the parm on the sheet and the user will be able to change the size of the marks from the web.


      Download the workbook from Tableau Public for more detail:



      Hope this helps others out there that may have encountered the same problem. ENJOY!