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    How can I overlay more than two measures (with different dates) on the same worksheet?

    Amos Nuwagaba

      I have two data sets which I want to superimpose over each other;

      • Stock ratings - with a price rating and date of rating for each stock, and
      • Trading results - with a trade date, traded quantity and price for each stock.

      I have created one table by joining on stock and based on the rating date using SQL and I am trying to plot the resultant data. In Excel, I would simply use data series after separating data for each stock - however this does not seem to be as straight foward in Tableau. When I try to use dual axes for the trade date and rating date, I end up with four different graphs!


      What I would like is to plot the trade data by the trade date and the rating data by the rating date and then overlay the two graphs - possibly on one date axis. Any ideas? I have attached my work around, I think it could be better.