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    Split horiz. bar chart into two "columns?"

    Michael Carper

      I have a horizontal bar chart with 25 rows. Its total height is a bit too high for my taste, so I'd like to split it into two side-by-side graphs. I want the top 13 rows, based on the Number of Records, on the left, and the bottom 12 on the right.


      I DON'T want to create two separate worksheets, because then the row size would only be relative to that filtered worksheet. ie, the top of the bottom 12 would appear as large as the top of the top 13. So I need the scaling to be unified.


      I've tried dual axis, with two Number of Records columns, to show what I want. However, both rows function the same, use the same filter, and occupy the same side of the graph. I've attached an example with Superstore data of what I have so far. I need two "Category" rows, one with the top data, the other with the bottom. And simply duplicating the Category dimension didn't work.


      Is there a way to do this?