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    Sheets not showing in Tableau Public

    Stefanie Kenny



      In a workbook I have published to Tableau Public, one of the views on my dashboard isn't showing.  I have tried publishing with "Show sheets as Tabs" on or off, with no effect.  When it is on, I notice that the source worksheet is also blank.  The quick filters associated with this sheet aren't showing either.  I have tried republishing and saving to a different name.  Interestingly in the same workbook, I have two other dashboards, each of which has a view for a similar (but not the same) worksheet.  These aren't showing up either, which tells me I must be doing something systemically wrong with this type of worksheet.  I have a few quick filters and a few actions, but nothing particularly complex.


      If someone could take a look and give me any suggestions, I would very much appreciate it.


      Here is the link to the published wb: http://public.tableausoftware.com/views/TEACHDashboardDemosky3/DistrictReport?:embed=y&:display_count=no




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          Daniel Hom

          Hi Stefanie,


          This looks like a bug. I've rebuilt that one sheet specifically that isn't showing, and it works fine.




          For each of those bar chart views, try rebuilding them. It should work.


          We'll investigate further. Thanks!



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            Stefanie Kenny

            Hi Daniel,

            Thanks for your reply and sorry for the delayed response.  Your answer was helpful, as well as some info I got from the support team.  I was never able to track down the exact source of the problem, but I did get it fixed.  Initially I recreated the missing view exactly as I had before, and it was still missing.  I had to create the view and test it step by step (make a change, publish, make a change, publish).  I think it may have had to do with two problems

            1. in my duplicated data extracts, which I use for non-filtered reference lines, I had some old groups which I had replaced by putting new Dimensions directly in my data source, then refreshing all extracts.  I had to remove the groups completely, fix any affected views, and delete and re-duplicate my data extracts.

            2. the quick filters definitely seemed to be causing a problem.  I believe that I may have originally created a filter on a view that was no longer on the dashboard, but continued to use the quick filter after removing the view. When I removed the filter, and created a new one more carefully, the missing view reappeared.


            So basically, a lot going on here, and because the problem came and went, I had trouble isolating the exact cause, but it was fixed in the end, thanks to your suggestion.