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    Need help editing location data for city with same name as another city

    Chris von Rabenau

      I a set of location based data. There are two pairs that are ending up as ambiguous data points because the city names are the same, even though they are in different states. In each pair is a town that may be small enough to not be in Tableau city tables (what is the size determinant on this?). When I go and set the lat/long for these two cities, they end up changing the lat/long for their larger paired city in another state.


      I can't understand why/how this is happening, since these cities are already identified by Tableau. I have even set a filter to only show me the city in the particular state that I would like to edit the lat/long and, sure enough, it still edits the lat/long. Any thoughts on how/why this is occurring?


      If you select the Central Corridor, you will see that there are two unknown locations (Cambridge, MN and Ashland, WI). If I set the lat/long for either of these cities, it sets the lat/long for the respective cities in MA and OR, too.


      Why? Is this some sort of bug, or am I missing something here....


      Thanks in advance,