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    View Data on Embedded gives 403 Error

    William Andrus

      I have a two secure sites, one to show reports (embedded) lets call it website A

      and another for Tableau Server, call it website B.


      I signed into the Tableau Report (using the Tableau's Authentication) that is embedded on website A but pointing to reports on website B. When I click on the "View Data..." button when viewing the embedded reports on website A it redirects me to website B with the following 403 Error message.



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          Mandy Olivares

          Was a resolution found to this issue? We are experiencing the same scenario, and it worked prior to upgrading the server to version 8. Any ideas?

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            William Andrus

            No answer was found, but it seemed to only be a problem mostly in IE, in that it was being too secured.

            When I tried the same technique in Chrome, and sometimes in Firefox the data would show up.

            I also believe it might have been a computer specific problem. The laptop given at work was the one giving this error, but when I tried it at home -- it would work. Maybe there was a patch or security hole plugged in the laptop, but not home on my desktop.

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              Dan Huff

              If there is an error specific to IE on a computer that is in a controlled IT environment, the culprit is quite often a group policy setting that is preventing an action from taking place. Unfortunately, I do not have any ideas of the top of my head as to what setting this would be but it could be a place to start. Describing the situation to your group policy administrators may help them to find the cause and adjust the setting if possible.


              Hope this small tidbit helps,