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    User confusion when filters remove views from dashboard

    Michael Crow

      I have built a dashboard with a tree map and several global quick filters, along
      with worksheet-based views that provide text information to users. When all the data are filtered out, the
      tree map disappears, along with views from all other worksheets on the
      dashboard (including those unrelated to the measures in the tree map).
      is disorienting for my users. I would appreciate suggestions on how to:



      (1) keep the other views from disappearing from the dashboard;



      (2) display an alternate message when the tree map disappears (E.g., "The
      tree map has disappeared because you have filtered out all the data. Change
      filters to see it again."); and/or



      (3) implement other solutions to this kind of issue.



      I can’t share the workbook I’ve developed, but have created a basic (albeit
      ugly) proxy with the superstore workbook (attached). Any help greatly



      Regards, Mike