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    Autorefresh Extracts published on Tableau Server?




      I have a workbook with a data source that is an extract.  It is saved as a twbx file.  I need this file to be automatically refreshed on Tableau Server.  I have selected SCHEDULING & AUTHENTICATION and selected a refresh time.  Authentication = Server Run as Account and Extract = Yes.  However, the data does not refresh.  I have looked at other posts on this topic and looked at the help and I'm not clear as to whether this function is actually meant for the purpose I need.  Is it possible to automatically refreshed published twbx workbooks published on Tableau Server?  I am on v8.




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          Michael Perillo

          Hello Ruth,

          You'll want to save your file as a TDE (Tableau Data Extract) and publish that to the server. When you save the TWBX file you are saving the data and workbook into a packaged (much liked a zipped file).


          Have a look at this article. .twb vs .twbx: What's the difference? | InterWorks, Inc.


          When you create your workbook save your workbook using an extract (tde) and publish to the server which at that time you can apply a schedule. Not all data connections have the ability to be scheduled (e.g. live connections).

          Also, you may want to have a look here: Sending a Packaged Workbook | Tableau Software

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            Andy Harris

            Hi Ruth,


            Saving as a twbx with an extract and then applying a refresh schedule should work, I have used this before (admitatley on v7x) and once I got things working had no ongoing issues.


            The key with any refresh is to make sure that the Tableau Server Admin account that your IT guys would have activated when installing the server has the correct level of access to your data source as it is that account that the refresh runs against and not yours.


            This means your data source will need to be somewhere accessible to tableau server (e.g. a network drive or sql table) and you need to give Tableau Server access to this location so it can retrieve the data and populate the extract within your packaged workbook.


            If this has already been done, ask your IT people to look at the tableau server logs, it may shed some light on where the process is being blocked after the refresh process has been executed.

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              Dana Withers

              Hi Ruth,


              In addition to the above posts... have you any errors in the background tasks view?

              If you go to your tableau server, to the Admin tab and then to "Background Tasks" view, you should be able to see your workbook scheduled to run and either run successfully or not. Errors will be visible there on hover. If it is not listed there at all, that might also give you a good indication on where to start troubleshooting.

              Additionally... you can tell your workbook to run it's update immediately - then go to the background tasks and see what the error says. If you let us know more details about errors we might be able to troubleshoot further.


              Hope this helps,



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                Thank you everyone.  They were all very helpful answers.  I have checked background tasks and the issue was due to the fact that the server did not have permissions to refresh the extract.  I'll get that resolved and try again.


                Thanks again