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    need to create a map viz in tableau similar to the refugee movement viz

    Sam S



      I'm new to tableau and would like some directions/pointer that will help me create a map viz in tableau. I'm very new to tableau, right now I'm using tableau 8.0 public


      Basically I have a state attribute and count(user) as metric and I have a State to attribute and count(pairs) as another metric


      StateCount(User)State toCount(pairs)


      What I want to create is a map viz where by if I highlight the State attribute it will show be other 4 states where users are going to get matches.


      I tried using dual axis filled maps but not been able to get much luck?


      Can one of the tableau experts help me find a solution to create this map viz with this data in tableau.


      Currently I cannot import tableau files in my public version of tableau software.


      Many Thanks,