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    TCCDC: Geo-drink up!

    Ian White

      Greetings all!


      We're thrilled to be sponsoring TCC again. As Tableau's official mapping partner, there's a lot we can do to help extend Tableau's capabilities through our proprietary connection to serve Tableau map styles and layers. We're doing a few things this year that might be of interest, and I want to get the word out!


      • A geo-drink up? That's right--maps and beer have a rich tradition of going together, like peanut butter & jelly, and oil & vinegar! You didn't know? So come join!


      • We're running a special mapping session on Monday at 4pm: Geographic Analysis in Tableau: from Business Requirements to User Needs, with yours truly and Leigh Fonesca, a data analysis and visualization wizard. This session will dissect real-world case studies and translate business needs into actionable Tableau-driven results.


      • Finally, we'll also be fully-staffed at booth #306 in the expo hall and be giving away map goodies.

      Hope to see you all there!