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    cleaned up this crashed job


      Has anybody gotten that error message when they try to schedule refreshes of their extracts on the tableau server? If so do you know what is causing it and how to resolve it?



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          Matt Lutton

          I would contact Tableau Support--looks like at least one other person has had this issue with no response


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            STEVEN BAER

            Hi Matt,


            thanks for the heads up about the previous instance of this issue with no response. I will take your advice and open a case with Tableau.



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              Matt Lutton

              Did you get any more info--I received the same error over the weekend.  It would be nice if possible reasons for the errors that occur on Server would be provided, instead of throwing generic messages.

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                STEVEN BAER

                Here is what Tableau sent me:


                A background task will fail with this message for 2

                reasons: the backgrounder process crashed or Tableau Server was restarted

                during the refresh process. The task will need to be restarted to complete.


                If the issue occurs frequently and is a cause for

                concern, please let me know we can investigate the root cause.  In order to better help you, we will need the

                following additional information please:


                  1. Error Message



                  2. Date and Time

                the issue occurred


                  3. Log Files (See http://www.tableausoftware.com/support/knowledge-base/creating-tableau-server-log-files for instructions on bundling and sending the log files)


                The date and time helps us find the section of the logs

                when the issue occurred. Any additional information you can provide as to what

                steps you were taking prior to receiving this message would be greatly

                appreciated. Please send this information as a reply to this email and someone

                will follow up with you. 

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                  Matt Lutton

                  Thanks.  I figured it was a time-out scenario, but since the error messages themselves tell us very little, it was impossible to know for certain.  I appreciate your reply.

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                    STEVEN BAER

                    Hi Matt,


                    I don't think it is a time out issue as I have other jobs that are running at about the same time and they are finishing successfully, the cleaned up this crashed job fails after 98 seconds and the successful ones take between 154 and 364 seconds.

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                      Matt Lutton

                      Right, time out may have been the wrong word, but it was related to an error on my server--it immediately refreshed when I came in this morning.  All other refreshes were completed without error.  Thanks again.

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                        Anyone has any updates on this? I met the same issue! Not sure if it is related to the upgrade of Tableau Server. The error showed up when we upgraded to Tableau Server 8.0.2. Thanks!

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                          Jensen Lin

                          Hello, how do you restart a task ?  We were having trouble with our subscriptions, and it seem like the task's status were perpetually in process...According to the background tasks monitor.


                          We finally ended the in process of tasks by restarting our server, but this shouldn't be happening.

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                            Prem Reddy

                            Hi All,


                            Even I've seen this error many times when AD sync up job was executing but its very uncertain and no idea about the root cause of the issue. Can anyone has any update regarding root cause of the issue and how to tackle with.



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                              STEVEN BAER

                              Hi Prem,


                              I had been getting this error and our Tableau admin suggested that I change the query from using the Tableau interface to join multiple tables to using custom sql and that resolved the issue for a workbook. But unfortunately another workbook is also getting the same error and it is already using custom sql, so who really knows?

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                                One additional point that was not mentioned- The backgrounder for Tableau Server restarts every 6 hours or so. any job running during that time will throw this error currently, and then will pick up after the backgrounder restarts. If you are seeing the errors every six hours, its a fairly safe bet that this is related to the regular backgrounder restart!

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                                  Jeff Strauss

                                  we are seeing this error on occasion.  Does anybody know for a fact if the backgrounder still restarts every 6 hours or so?  We are on 9.2.6, also is there any setting to modify how often it restarts?

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                                    Yes, the backgrounder is still set to restart occasionally, though I'm not sure if it is still at the 6 hour mark. To my knowledge there is not a setting that allows this to be adapted- nor would you want to. The restart is done to release memory, and help maintain the stability of the backgrounder function. Tableau Server now has a coordination service that watches for high memory usage and other issues, restarting the processes occasionally when necessary; I believe that the restart happens at least every 6ish hours, unless restarted earlier by the coordination controller. These restarts are staggered so you should not see a performance hit due to this.  IF you are seeing an issue with your server  that you feel may be related to the  restarts, please consider opening a ticket with the Technical Support department and describe the issue you are seeing, as well as your hypothesis so they can help you out! 

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