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    Protecting Confidential Data by Limiting Records Displayed

    Jon Boeckenstedt

      I am visualizing data on the grades of last year's freshman class at DePaul to show results comparing students who applied with ACT or SAT vs. those who applied test optional.  The results are very encouraging, and I'd like to be able to share this data publicly with other higher education researchers.  To silence skeptics who still believe the tests measure something of value, I've put in several filters to allow them to look at subsets of data.


      Although we do not have guest access on our university server, I can put it on Digital and prohibit downloading; I also stripped personal data and created a dummy ID number to replace the real student ID number in the file.


      However, it is still technically possible for someone to filter far enough down to where you might be able to see a single student's GPA displayed.  For instance (made up example) you could choose Native American females in our Music School.  This is a trade off of allowing deep exploration.


      Is there a workbook control or script I could write to stop displaying data if the number of records selected is less than three, for instance?  I've played around with this a little, but suspect that if it can be done, it's probably way above my coding skills.


      Thanks for any help you can offer.