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    JS API: viz.refreshData() not working

    Lane asdfasdfasf

      Hello, I'm pretty new to the Tableau JS API, but I have a pretty extensive programming background. I'm trying to get a Tableau sheet that's embedded on a website to refresh data on a timer (and thus displaying new data). It seems as though the viz.refreshData() method should accomplish this; however, any time I try to call that method nothing happens. Any other method that I call works just fine (various export dialogs, show/hide, showPDFdialog etc.) but this ONE method does not work. Is there a bug associated with this method? Or is there something special that I need to accomplish this? Or is this simply impossible (which would be really odd to me).


      Refreshing the page itself (or even the iframe that the sheet is displayed in) will not refresh the underlying data (I'm sure you all knew that ) - it is only when an update to a sheet is made or that particular refresh method is called that the underlying datasource is refreshed. This is data that changes every minute/hour/day so I need the ability to refresh the data from the underlying source on an automatic/routine basis.