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    How to update values in already published workbook on Tableau Online

    Jacques Guitard

      TD = Tableau Desktop


      I have published a workbook (via Tableau Desktop) on Tableau online and the expectation is that I should be able to update its values using an updated data source rather than having to re-publish the workbook.


      I have successfully configured a BAT file which pulls down new data from my database (stored on a private database) and it is able to push the data to the appropriate data source on Tableau Online without any problems.


      The problem arises when I try to view the new values in my already published workbook on Tableau Online. The values do not get updated from the data source and when I select the refresh option, the data still doesn't get pushed into the workbook.


      I have tried testing the method above, with the exception of creating the workbook itself on Tableau Online, and the data refreshes without any issues (I have to manually select refresh- but that's okay)


      Automatic updates are on for the published workbook from TD.


      Is there something I am missing here?  Can you only update a workbook that is created on Tableau Online, and not from what is published from TD


      Some help on the issue would be great.