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    Cells in Tableau

    Arley Céspedes Herrera

      I wanted to know if it is possible from Tableau do calculations, but not for a whole entire column, but for certain cells of Excel, such as to determine the growth of data, which formula is (Datoaño/Datoañoanterior-1)?. In advance thank you very much for the information.


      for example: how I can calculate the OPP column?

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          Pedro Machado



          You can do this kind of calculation, but it's not based on cells like in excel.


          If you post a package workbook with your data and some sample output of what you want (excel file or image) we can help you put it together.



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            Joshua Milligan

            As Pedro said, you will probably want to post a packaged workbook.  It is probably the best way to get specific answers.  You can use mocked up data or even the sample Superstore Sales data included with Tableau.


            In general, you might want to check out the LOOKUP function.  For example, SUM(Sales) / LOOKUP(SUM(Sales), -1) would give you the sales for the current year divided by the previous year if it was set to calculate at the Year level.




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