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    Reader and Server in Tableau 8.0

    Julia Hennelly

      I am setting up to demo authoring for select analysts at our organization.  I have developed a kind of template and published to the server.  for simplicity this first go around I have a dashboard with one worksheet and some global filters.  Through authoring the analyst will create the worksheet they need for analysis.  Once they have done that they want to share with site users using Reader allowing users to interact with the dashboard using filters.


      1. When downloading the twbx I need either a save as (so the user can set where the packaged workbook should go most likely a shared network drive) plus they need to specify a name probably with a date.
      2. Can I set up a default directory for these downloads?
      3. We also need to refresh the data in these workbooks and redistribute.  How much of this can be automated?  Our analysts are not likley to go into server and redistribute daily or even weekly?


      If anyone can help it would be much appreciated.  If anyone is using Reader to distribute beyond the analysts would love to chat about options.




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          Joshua Milligan



          If the users are using Reader, then I assume they don't have user accounts on Server.  Is that correct?  If so, how are they downloading?


          I think the best bet might be to use tabcmd to save the workbooks in a location where the users can download the workbook and then consume in Reader.  Using some scripts for tabcmd would also likely give you the best toolset for automating the entire process.  Here's a link to the tabcmd admin guide: tabcmd




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            Julia Hennelly

            The users are using reader.  However the analyst is using a dashboard template I have created, authoring to create their worksheet which sits on one of the dashboard templates.  Once the analyst likes their dashboard they will then download (to a network server or sharepoint if I could work out how to do that) the user would then open using reader.  My two issues:



            1.       When you click on download you are not prompted for a name or location for the file.  I either need this or at least need to be able to change the default to a network drive not a local downloads directory.


            2.       Secondly if I could work out how to refresh the extract for this dashboard automatically I would be golden.


            I often wonder there is no viewer license – I have users who simply want to view and play around with filters.  If they could do that for less than $800 I would have an easier time selling this solution.




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              Joshua Milligan



              For #1 I think that is a browser issue and not so much Tableau Server.  The analyst likely can change the default settings of their browser (see image below).


              For #2, I still think that creating a script with tabcmd to automate the saving of the packaged workbook to a network drive is the best option (baring a different licensing model).  The extract refresh can be scheduled in Tableau Server.



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                Julia Hennelly

                Thank you very helpful.  Think I am almost there.  Looking at tabcmd I can see how to refresh a workbook but do not see a command for saving the packaged workbook?  This background stuff is not really my forte do I then schedule this tabcmd file to run daily or weekly?


                Thanks for all your help,


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                  Toby Erkson

                  Tableau Server can refresh the data, simply put the extract(s) on a Schedule.


                  Permissions are easily set up by the workbook publisher/author so users can only view or interact with the vizes on server, so why don't your users just open a browser and open the viz on the Tableau Server?  They could also subscribe to a view so it's emailed to them, again, on a schedule, though that's not always necessary if they can just go straight to the server to view it.


                  If Reader has to be used then I agree with Joshua, use tabcmd to copy the workbooks after the scheduled refresh has occurred.

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                    Julia Hennelly

                    Would love to have the users inertacting with the Vizes on Tableau server but can not get them each to pay $800 or so to simply interact with a viz.  If they subscribe to a view and it is emailed to them - do they need a license?


                    Just to clarify my goal is to have them use Reader as a step before purchasing a server license.  I think they will love what they can do in Reader but it won't be long before they want more functionality and then I can upsell to a server license and maybe even authoring.


                    I do not see a tabcmd command that will export to a packaged workbook -any documentation?