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    Conditional on a Stacked Bar with Dual Axis

    Anuja S Krishnan

      I am trying to create a stacked bar graph (showing % on one axis) and an average score on the other. I would like to add a condition to the graph such, it hides cases where the count of items (N) is less than a number. The count pertains to the total count and not each stacked bar item. I am attaching a sample packaged workbook here.


      1) In "Sheet 1", the goal is to show only those bars (or those countries) for which the total base is less than 4. I have shown the count in "Sheet 2" for cross checking. So, in the current view of Sheet 1, once the filter is active and working, Sri Lanka and USA should be completely hidden (i.e. both the y-axes should be hidden) since total count (A+B+C) of these countries is 1 and 3 (less than 4).


      2) Finally, this should also work when a filter is applied. This means, if I choose only "Above 5 years" in the Tenure filter, India will also disappear since it's base is less than 4.


      I hope this is clear.

      Thank you for taking a look a this.