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    Cannot Get Accurate Totals Without Displaying all Children

    Charlton O'Neal

      I hope I can explain this in a way that makes sense.


      1. At the hospital I work for we are generating a worksheet that displays the Patient Name, the Location in the hospital they were seen (i.e. Audiology, etc.), and the Visit ID associated to the Patient, and the standard Number of Records
      2. I am then using the "Number of Records" as a Filter to indicate the number of times a visit was associated to the Visit ID to only display those records where that number is greater than "1" one
      3. I then get a total number of Visits associated to the Location (i.e. Audiology, etc)


      Now. The issue I am having is this: I don't want to display all the Patient Names or Visit IDs. I only want the Location and the total count of visit for that Location. Since determining the count (as above documented) is Patient centric so when I remove the Patient Name and Visit ID from the shelf my numbers are all off. I need to have the  Patient centric data to be able to filter the number of counts greater than "1" one.


      I'm stumped. I basically just want to "roll up" all the Patient Names and end up with the Location and Total.


      I attached a couple screenshots to help demonstrate.


      Any ideas are greatly appreciated