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    All Authenticated Users?

    Joshua Berry

      I work for a large company with a tableau server deployed internally.  I can add users from our Active Directory by clicking "Add"  DOMAIN\Username, however I work for a very large company.  I don't want to maintain a directory group or import mass lists and worry about adding/when people are hired/fired.


      I am trying to find a way so that ALL authenticated users can be added, so I can place them in a group, so they can be interactors on my workbooks.


      On other platforms like SharePoint or SSRS, I can add   NT AUTHORITY\Authenticated Users  and it works!


      When I try in Tableau, the wheel spins for about 20 seconds as if it's trying to do something, but eventually fails:

      "NT AUTHORITY\Authenticated Users" could not be added.  This user may not have a valid Active Directory account or the server may not have Active Directory access.