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    Count Distinct values over various weeks

    Abul Hasan


      I am trying do a calculation to see unique visitors over various weeks. Below is an example.


      Week     ID

      1          1

      1          2

      2          3

      2          2


      I want to count if a person is in week 1 and 2.


      The answer should be


      ID     Week1  week2     both

      1     1               0          0

      2     1               1          1

      3     0               1          0


      Thanks for your help.

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          Joshua Milligan



          This is a problem that doesn't have an easy solution.  You might take a look at this thread in which some of the Tableau Zen Masters discuss different approaches and the pros and cons of each.


          How to count distinct users on a running period


          I've attached a workbook that gives a possible solution -- and although it works for the simple data set you provided (note that I added a row to give me something for the "both" column), it is just a starting point and the ultimate solution is likely more complex.  Ultimately, with a large or complex initial data set, you'd probably want to shape your data on the front end prior to connecting Tableau.


          Distinct Data.twbx.png





          Distinct Data 1.twbx.png