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    Fixing a reference line based on a particular partition - pre quick-filter

    Stefanie Kenny



      I would like to be able to fix a reference line on each bar in a bar chart such that it is not modified by the quick filters I have in place.  I have found a few threads similar to this about creating a calculated field or creating a table calculation, but I am struggling to understand how they apply to my specific situation.  I would be very grateful for a little more explanation.


      Columns: Domain and School_Type - both dimensions

      Rows: Calculated field SUM([Response]*[Count])/SUM([Count])   


      The data set describes aggregated survey results for schools by teacher. It is comprised of:

      • School_Type
      • School
      • Teacher
      • Question
      • Domain (each question belongs to one of four domains)
      • Response (1, 2, 3 or 4) - measure
      • COUNT (the count of each response for each question and each teacher).


      This works well, and I have three quick filters (School, Teacher, Grade) that effect this aggregate average nicely.  What I'd like to do is have one reference line per bar (the average) that doesn't change even when I filter, so as to represent a district average.


      In my calculated field for the worksheet, I didn't specify partitions (is this the correct terminology), as this is controlled by the Columns I selected.  But for my fixed reference line, I somehow need to specify that the average is calculated at the Domain--> School_type level.