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    How to show month to date % change base on the max. date selected?


      I am trying to show the month to date % change in my Tableau workbook. the date for comparison would be decided based on the filter.

      Say if the date range is 7/1-8/6, then MTD% would be sum(8/1-8/6)/sum(7/1-7/6) - 1; if date range is set as 7/1 - 8/5, then MTD% would be sum(8/1-8/5)/sum(7/1-7/5) - 1 = 25%


      I have tried to do this if I am using now() or today() and it works, however, since I don't know the difference days between today and the max date in the worksheet, it just didn't work for me. Can anyone help?


      This workbook will be uploaded to the server and new data will be added day by day. So i can't set the end date using parameter.