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    Subscription Email png Link




      I set up an email (via subscription option using Tableau server) to a view every morning. When the view arrives the image is linked to the view on the Tableau server. The catch with this is that i created a skinnied down view for the email version and want the image to link to the full version of the view that is at a different URL.


      Cliff Notes:

      2 views - 1 is emailed, one exists on the tableau server

      I want the hyperlink for the emailed png of view 1 to link to view 2 instead of view 1.


      Thanks in advance.



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          Here is the response i got from support. long story short - no solution


          Modifying the PNG email link for subscriptions is not supported at this time.


          Here are two potential workarounds:


          1. Create a URL action on the 'skinned down' view that directs the user to the full view.


          1. Add custom HTML and a link to the email subscription's footer.

          - a. Logon to Tableau Server as an administrator

          - b. Click Admin

          - c. Click Sites

          - d. Select the site that is associated with the workbook in question

          - e. Click Edit

          - f. Select Custom for 'Email footer'

          - g. Type in the custom text or HTML desired. For example:


          <a href="{http://tabserver/views/Workbook/FullView}">Click here instead for full view</a>


          Where {http://tabserver/views/Workbook/FullView} is the URL to the full view desired.


            The above method will not remove the embedded link when a user clicks on the PNG image