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    How can 'DATEDIFF' formula give me different outputs everytime?

    Kiran v

      Sorry for being repetitive on this forum and I thought I had gotten the answer to this question last week but guess I was wrong. Could any of the experts help me explain how do I get different outputs but none of them what I want to see on the vizz.


      I tried to do the following


      1) 30-DATEDIFF('day',#July 21,2013#,#September 21,2013#) :- the aim of doing this was to see how many days out does my product sells and at what cost. It gives me one count -32


      2) DATEDIFF('day',#July 21,2013#,#September 21,2013#):- this formula gives me 62 day output but again one single count.


      My first question is how can I tweak the formula so I would be able to see all days leading upto that 62nd day. for example 1,2,3........60,61,62. Not just one figure like what I have now which gives me one count of 62.


      My second question is datediff is a formula which will give me a count of days so lets say I want to add a reference line saying on September 20, 2013 is the day when my product was the most expensive, would I be wrong if i say that 61st day on the axis is that date or would it be the other way round i.e. 2nd day on the axis?


      Third question is in my 1st calculation why would it give me -32 instead of 62 or -62 ?


      I have attached my current vizz and any expert opinions are welcome and again sorry for being repetitive.