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    downloading large workbooks fail

    Ranj Bassi



      We have an issue as well as our fellow countries accessing workbooks from our Tableau server which is at 



      A user is able to download a model (which can be quite a
      large download e.g. 500mb - 3gb) from this site however we have found that some
      models are not able to be downloaded, it doesn't matter if the user is in the
      internal network using a proxy server or at home, somewhere else outside the network the problem still persists. If we download a smaller workbook the download works fine without issue.


      We logged this with our ISP in case there was something at the firewall, router end where the servers sit at in our data center  and they confirm this isn't a server or network issue.


      this is the response from our data centre where the tableau server is hosted....


      "As per our phone conversation we were able to identify
      that issue is not firewall related as there are no web filtering applied to the
      DMZ policies and traffic log events showing no blocked traffic. Furthermore you were able to download large files from a
      different location. Therefore, we can only assume that the issue lies with
      tableau. "


      Are you able to suggest why we would receive this timeout? We believe the issue here could be possibly that in the case of Tableau
      you request the download of the workbook and then the Tableau server has to go and build the file before it can be downloaded.  This
      can take some time and in between the request and the build being available there's no traffic between a client and Tableau server, hence why there's it would timeout.


      If it helps I can show on a remote session the problem
      that is occurring, I can show it on the internal LAN or on a laptop connected
      to a wireless network.


      This is quite urgent as its preventing users downloading
      some of models for Spain, so you quick response would be most appreciated.