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    Automatic refresh of data in a dashboard




      I have a dashboard on desktop version (Live connection). I like to automatic refresh the data in it.

      The option auto update does not work for me?


      The way my dashboard updates is do it manually pressing F9..

      The auto update function does not work?


      Can someone help me out?



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          Michael Perillo

          Hi Bart,

          There is no function/feature that refreshes automatically at the intervals you may be looking for. Here is some threads that discuss your inquiry.

          Automatic Data Refresh

          Workbook Extract - F5 vs F9

          Refresh Dashboard automatically every 5 mins - how do you do this?


          Since you mentioned you are using Tableau Desktop, I'm assuming you do not have Tableau Server. I do not believe there is any way to have the view refreshed automatically without manual intervention.

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            Thats right, I don't have Tableau Server..

            In my first post i said that F9 updates my dashboard but that is not true..

            I need to refresh all my data connections manually..(having 25 live connections)


            My dashboard is not worth anything at this moment.. a bit disappointed.

            I have downloaded Autohotkey witch do the F9 every 10 minutes automatically.

            But If I don't manually refresh all my data connections (25 connections) the automate F9 makes no sense..


            I cant either Refresh all extracts.. because i have live connections...


            If I chance all my live connections to data extracts and command the Autohotkey to Refresh all Extracts will that be the solution?


            Whats the point of a Dashboard that is not updating automatic?

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              Can someone give me some advice?

              I have a dashboard, i like to refresh the dashboard every hour.

              I don't think Tableau can do this but with help of a autohotkey tool?


              Help will be appreciated

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                I let the Autohotkey ones in the hours close Tableau and restart it.

                It is not the most beautiful solution, but it works.


                Still I really don't understand why this not a standard function in Tableau..

                Did read many topics with the same issue.. first people who mention it was in 2010..

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                  Dana Withers

                  I'd probably use extracts and get the autohotkey to refresh all extracts - since it isnt updated it technically isnt really live anyway, so you may as well... might even get better performance for it too.


                  I think by the time you want a dashboard to just sit on a pc and refresh regularly, the server version simply is the better solution. Desktop is more for development and playing with the data, not to sit next to and refresh every hour?

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                    Thanks for you advice.

                    it is not strange that the connection 'calls live not live is?

                    I use my dashboard to display disturbances in our installations.(heat and cold storage)

                    The dashboard is displayed on a TV in our office. The intention is that it is live.At this moment it is not..

                    Maybe Tableau is just not the solution..


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                      For people who want to use AutohotKey, for restarting there Dashboard, can use this script:


                      Loop { 


                      DetectHiddenWindows, ON


                      IfWinExist Tableau                                                      ; Finds out if Tableau is active


                          Process, Close, tableau.exe                                   ; close Tableau

                          Sleep, 10000                                                        ; Wait for 10 sec.

                          Run C:\Users\ZON18\Documents\My Tableau Repository\Workbooks\Overige\Controle dashboard.twb                                                                                     ; Starts Tableau again  









                      Sleep     3600000                                        ;                Inactive for 1 hour

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