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    Polygon Map - Dropping two marks/metrics onto the colour shelf

    Louis Keating

      Hey guys,


      Can you drop two marks onto the colour shelf?


      I've created a map of Sydney from a shapefile, with the help of Joe Mako's shapefile tutorial, and divided it into greater regions (e.g. eastern suburbs, inner west). Each postcode is coded with a region name so I've dropped the region name onto the colour shelf so it's easy to identify which postcodes are in which region. I have another metric for each postcode which is a binary (Yes/No).


      How can I also show visually, which suburbs are Yes and which are No?


      Ideally what I would want is for one region, the yes suburbs to be dark red, and the no suburbs to be light red.


      My map is below.


      EDIT: just had a thought while I was writing this. A workaround in the raw data. Instead of having 6 regions and one binary, I could combine the fields into a new field with 12 regions and have:


      Region 1 - yes

      Region 1 - no

      Region 2 - yes, etc.


      That would be a last resort.


      EDIT2: Just added a calculated field of [Region]+"-"+[Binary] and seemed to work the trick. Still interested to see if there are any other ways to achieve this.


      Thanks guys! My map is below:


      Regions of sydney.png