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    Embedded view using trusted auth ticket redirects to login page

    Ryan Dirmeyer

      I am using the Javascript API to embed views in a web application. As detailed in the documentation, I request a ticket from the server with the username parameters as well as the target_site parameter, specifying the site associated with the viz. I set it on the viz options in Javascript and then load the selected viz. However, instead of displaying the viz as expected, it redirects me to the login page every time.


      Here are a couple example lines I see in the access.*.log:

      - - [19/Aug/2013:18:21:13 -0700] 80 "GET /t/Site1/views/SuperstoreSample1/Sheet1?:embed=y&:tabs=n&:toolbar=n&ticket=308680745&:loadOrderID=9999&:apiID=handler0 HTTP/1.1" "" 302 - "-" 6677 UhLEicCoZQcAACTcBDQAAACz - - [19/Aug/2013:18:21:13 -0700] 80 "GET /t/Site1/auth?destination=%2Ft%2FSite1%2Fviews%2FSuperstoreSample1%2FSheet1%3F%3Aembed%3Dy%26%3Atabs%3Dn%26%3Atoolbar%3Dn%26ticket%3D308680745%26%3AloadOrderID%3D9999%26%3AapiID%3Dhandler0 HTTP/1.1" "" 200 2533 "-" 166109 UhLEicCoZQcAACTcBDUAAACz


      The address is my local machine and this is also the only address in the trusted_hosts list. I mention this because before I even attempted the trusted authentication with tickets, I was having trouble with the login on the embedded view already and now I'm suspicious of a machine config issue. When I was prompted to log on and I entered credentials and clicked Log On, it kept simply redirecting back to the same login page. I was hoping this would be resolved by getting the trusted authentication going but it's still haunting me.


      Does anyone have an idea of what this might be or something to check? Any help is appreciated - Thanks in advance!