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    Free online access to the book, Rapid Graphs with Tableau 8

    Stephen Mcdaniel

      Chapters 1-4 are already available with more being posted in the near future.


      Preview the table of contents and Chapter 1 here.


      Read Chapter 2 (pages 21-39)

           Build the core—Tableau basics—21
            Download, install and open Tableau—22
            Connect to sample data and review the Tableau interface—25
            “Show Me” Tableau in action—29
            Categorically clear views—35


      Read Chapter 3 (pages 41-58)

           Go with the flow—more Tableau basics-41
                 Save time with the Tableau toolbar-42
                 When tables trump graphs-44
                 Insightful maps-48
                 View shifting—the underrated histogram and flexible bins-53
                 Exporting results to share your insights-58


      Read Chapter 4 (pages 59-78)

           Core view types in Tableau-59
                 Tables—an eye for detail-62
                      Text tables-62
                      Highlight tables-64
                      Heat maps-65
                 Bar Charts—five flavors
                      to meet your needs-66
                      Horizontal bars-67
                      Stacked bars-69
                      Side-by-side bars-70
                      Bullet graphs-72
                 Line Charts—display what happened over time-73
                      Lines (continuous)-73
                      Lines (discrete)-74
                 Percent-of-Total—contribution of categories to the overall amount-75
                      Pie charts-75


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