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    Comparing percentage and yes/no values

    Giri Agarwal

      Hi All, a relative Tableau newbie here. Let me first appreciate the vibrant Tableau community, and appreciate your attention and assistance in advance.


      My use case is that of benchmarking a set of respondents (Respondents 1 through 5 in the attached sample workbook) against certain benchmark scores (Benchmark 1 and Benchmark 2 in the attached workbook). Think of "respondents" as individual respondents and "benchmarks" as a segment of respondents from the overall survey they are being compared against.


      I am doing this for a large survey of respondents and for now am having to work with aggregate data, using Tableau as the visualizing tool.


      One of the scenarios I am struggling with is as follows: The value in the benchmark column is in percentage, i.e. X% of the benchmark set responded responded "Yes" to a certain survey question. Whereas the value stored in the "Respondent" row for the same question is 1 (indicating yes) or 0 (indicating no). I would like to be able to achieve any of the following:


      1. Compare the 5 respondents against 1 benchmark (if possible, both benchmarks) on a worksheet, showing the benchmark value as a bar chart and plotting the respondents as colored circles, either on the bar or on a dual axis next to it
      2. Create a dashboard achieving the same (The dashboard in the attached workbook gets it this far), however being able to control the sort order for both charts through one column (This I am unable to do; i.e. be able to control all values being sorted appropriately via the "Answer Options" column)


      Is it possible to do what bullet 1 outlines? i.e. compare aggregate benchmark values against yes/no responses of individual respondents on a worksheet?


      Appreciate your assistance. Look forward to being part of the community.

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          Joshua Milligan



          First, welcome to the forums!  Glad to have you!


          I took a quick shot at your issue and came up with the following.  I haven't spent much time cleaning it up (it is getting late), but I thought it might give you some ideas as to how to solve your issue.  I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have.





          Percent Yes.png

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            Patrick Van Der Hyde

            Giri Agarwal,  I have expanded on Joshua Milligan's work in the attached packaged workbook and created two views - Avg Response to BM and Avg Response to BM Shapes.


            Avg Response to BM shows the following:

            Gray Bar:  Avg response from the Respondents

            Circles:  Each respondents answer

            Ref lines: Showing the Benchmark value of 1 and 2.


            This view is pretty busy however so I added one additional view - Avg Response to BM Shapes which provides the most of the same information utilizing a Shapes view.  I removed the Avg of all Respondents (the grey bar value) since this was not requested and it assists in cleaning up the view.


            Both views rely on utilizing a second connection to the data source to pick up the values for the Benchmarks as a second set of values for use in the view.  By deselecting the link on [Respondent], we can filter out the Benchmark values from the Primary data set and utilize them on the Level of Detail for Reference lines in the second connection to the data set.



            Bar View.png





            Hope this helps. 



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              Giri Agarwal

              Thanks a lot for taking the time, Joshua and Patrick. I haven't been able to get around to look at the workbooks, but plan to do so later today. I'll come back to you with comments or questions.