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    Applying a Calculated Field to Separate Months

    Steven Taylor



      I'm trying (and currently failing) to work out how to apply a calculated field to figures generated for 3 separate months and highlight a row if two of the months meet the criteria in the calculated field.


      I've attached a workbook that shows average figures per month (for the last 3 months) for a number of medical experts. I would like to highlight the experts who exceed the "amber" parameter (5 for GP, 10 for Ortho/Other) for 2 or more consecutive months. In the workbook you can see I've coloured the monthly figures according to those parameters.


      What I can't work out is how to apply a conditional statement across separate months.


      My next attempt will involve creating month1, month2 and month3 calculated fields then trying to put them together in a conditional statement somehow.....


      Any help will be gratefully received!