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    Limit data fetched from Tableau Server for report using something like a dynamic filter, etc.

    Russ Gap

      I'm having trouble understanding a concept in Tableau.


      In most query tools (ie: let's take Discoverer as an example although it could be Impromptu, Brio Query, etc. as they work the same), you would create a report that limits the data coming back to the report in a FETCH kind of operation.


      In Tableau it appears that all the data is fetched, displayed in whatever format has been set up and then the filters come into play.


      I realize that in the connection you set how much data to retrieve from the source which of course is a limit but let's say I want a large number of Order records from an Oracle ERP installation. In addition, when the data has a number of organizations (ie: US, UK, Japan, China, Canada, Mexico, etc.) then I would create a view to join whatever tables I need and retrieve the correct data. I would of course have a column identifying the organization (probably org_id) that comes back with the data.


      So I set up a connection that returns all records from the view. That means that there could be a large number of records with a large sprinkling in each of the organizations.


      So in my Tableau report I would expect to have a parameter, filter, something similar, that is invoked BEFORE the data is returned from the Tableau server to my report. That way I would have to return a large number of records, THEN choose which organization I want to look at, but the fetch would be to only return records for say, US.


      Am I missing a fundamental concept here as again, I don't want ALL records coming from the Tableau server to the report and then limiting what I see with filters but I want to be able to return, for example, only US records for this run and then maybe on a different run all CANADA records, etc.


      Thanks for any explanation of this.