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    MDX Calculated Member Not Displaying?

    Jake Pearson



      I have a workbook with an SSAS source and I have created a calculated member which intersects a hierarchy and a measure value.


      Calculated Member Formula:




      I want to put this under my geography dim hierarchy so that I get a member showing the total forecast GBV for the highest geography grain, but for some reason when I add it it doesn't appear anywhere. I have tired all member hierarchies at all levels, but the calculated member does not show.


      Anyone had the same issue or know how to display the new calculated member?


      Many Thanks,



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          Russell Christopher

          Hey Jake -


          It's been a while since I've messed with this, but I don't think we support adding a calculated member to any other hierarchy than the Measures parent hierarchy and having it show up like a "new field" in the list of dimensions.


          While it would certainly be "out of place" sitting in Measures, see if you can get it to show up there.

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            Jake Pearson

            Hi Russell,


            Firstly - Thank you for your response.


            Your documentation and functionality suggests that it should work:




            Funnily enough (and adding my progression to this post) it wont 'appear' as a new member in the hierarchy when you add it, but it will show as a legend value (in my case it appears in the geography legend) if you apply a filter, which is strange. I think this will require more digging to get this to work... or if all else fails I will have to get the member added into the cube.





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              Russell Christopher

              Maybe I didn’t understand what you want.  I thought that you wanted your member to actually appear in the list of dimension attributes. For example, if your Geography dimension contains “State”, “City”, and “Postal code” you want “My Custom Member” to also show up as a drag-able item under the dimension. This is what I’m referring to.


              You absolutely can add the result of your calculated member to show up as attribute member in a particular attribute hierarchy of a dimension. Here’s one we use all the time as a sample:

              ScreenHunter_01 Aug. 15 09.31.gif

              ScreenHunter_02 Aug. 15 09.32.gif

              If this is what you want, it should work. Perhaps you can see if I'm doing anything differently than you?

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                Lex Pierik

                Russell, your example is exactly how I use it on a MSAS cube and it's working perfect. However now I want to use on a Tabular Model, but then it returns an error. Can you confirm that this should also work on a Tabular Model or do you know a work around?



                DAX error.png