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    My SQL connection issues.

    James Charley



      We are not able to connect to MYSQL server from tableau.


      This is what we have done so far.


      1) Installed the ODBC latest driver as suggested in tableau desktop machine

      2) We are using MYSQL server 5.6.1 and also we tried 5.1.71.

      3) Our test program is working properly from tableau desktop machine.

      4) We tried with windows(Domain login) as well as DB user name/password to get the connection.


      Biggest frustration is how to debug this problem desktop is not showing any logs.


      It shows MYSQL error 10060 but as we are able to run sample program from same machine seems like a tableau issue


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          Toby Erkson

          James Charley wrote:




          We are not able to connect to MYSQL server from tableau.




          From Tableau...what?  Server or Desktop?  And what version are you working with?  If server, have you downloaded the proper driver?

          Chances are very good it's not Tableau that is at fault.

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            Zach Leber

            I just spent a couple hours debugging a MySQL connection. My credentials worked fine from Tableau Desktop but when I embedded and published them to Tableau Server they wouldn't work. I spoke with my DBAs and they found that the MySQL credentials I was using were set up with IP range restrictions that included my Desktop machine but not my Server machine. Once they added the subnet for my Server everything worked fine.