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    User Filter with server data sources

    Robin Goibert

      Hi everybody,


      I want to publish worksheets on a Tableau Server but I have a problem with "User Filter".

      My data sources come from a Tableau Server, this might be important because when my data sources comes from Excel, it works without any problem.

      So, I have several users, and when I create a user filter for one user, and i put the set which have been created in filters, everything disappears like if I make a filter always False.

      But when i create user filter on "All Users", it works very well for "All Users".

      In fact, every user has exactly the same right as "All Users". So I can't distinguish the different users.


      I have no idea why it is doing this, i am quite sure it comes from the fact that my data sources are in Tableau Server.


      Thank you in advance,

      Best regards,