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    Automatic Row Height and Width on Tableau/Excel Export

    Ali Hirji

      Hi all,


      I was hoping someone can help me with a formatting/view query I have. On certain fields on my Tableau report, the text is too large and instead of the text being displayed, a number of #'s are displayed instead. Is there a setting I can turn on so it will wrap the text, or a way that will show all text regardless of how much is in there? I.e. Auto format the rows and columns to fit? Below is the screen shot of the text that is too large to fit:


      Text Unable to Fit.png



      In addition, is it possible to export to Excel, but the row and columns headers auto adjust dependent on what is in table? I have the same problem where just #'s appear if the text is too large to fit in the cell.


      Any help would be much appreciated.


      Thank you in anticipation, Ali.