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    Active directory authentication and web application.

    James Charley



      We are trying to embed tableau output to web application.


      We have Tableau server configured with Active directory authentication.


      What we want : -


      We don't want to setup trusted authentication between web application and tableau server.

      We don't want to get token from tableau to embed view in web application.


      Is there any way we can do this.

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          Jérémy LEPERLIER



          Following, response elements.


          It's depend on your architecture. If I well understand, you want to embedded dashboards/views into an web application and use an unique connection.


          You are on Active Directory. The authentication is not necessary if the user use a laptop on the domain. When the user connect to Tableau Server, he is connected directly, if the navigator is configured to accept the connection.


          If the user is not on your domain, it's not possible to connect directly. You must use the trusted authentication using tickets.


          Other solution is use an SSO server and connect your web application and you tableau server on it.


          Personnaly, I use trusted authentication and it works correctly.


          I hope this helps you.



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            James Charley

            Hi Jeremy user will login into his machine/laptop using domain login(Active directory). But for web application login user will have different username/password.


            So how does it work in that case. We should not pass this token itself from web application.


            can we remove ticket attribute all together from below. Appriciate your help.





            var url = "http://mymachine/views/Book1/Dashboard";

            var options = {



              hideTabs: true,




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              Aaron Clancy

              James In the scenario you are describing, Tableau Server doesn't care what authentication happens in your web app, it knows that the machine that the browser is running on has been authenticated through AD and should just show the visualization.  Obviously there are other factors that can get in the way of this but this is intended behavior.